The year was 2014 and we were in Las Vegas. The industry had this trade show called Interbike that had been on it’s deathbed for years but we were there, mostly because my partner in crime likes playing craps and I like the bright lights of the city and what the nightlife has to offer. We had just began development of the Speedco Velox Carbon, but I told him we needed a high end parts line and he agreed. There wasn’t a fork on the market at the time I wanted on our frame so I think that’s mostly the driving point behind the idea of the brand. (There’s still actually not a fork on the market I want on this frame 5 years later so I’m glad we got to work.) We’ve both got deep roots in the sport, he started in the 80’s and me in the 90’s and both our paths as racers took us separate directions, him into the retail side of the sport and me into product development. I started in 2008 working at a corporate bike company where I learned quite a bit, but knew I wasn’t so keen on being confined to those four walls and I quickly realized the people around me didn’t have the same passion for riding as I did. In my career as a racer, I always worked and trained hard but I appreciated self expression and wanted my vibe to be more about style on the bike rather than just being a robot with a sprint. That’s the same vibe I envision for this brand and the supporters that put our parts on their bikes. It’s why our team consists of guys like Barry Nobles, Corben Sharrah, Brooke Crain, Jeff Upshaw, Walker Finch, Jeremy Smith, and the Speedco boyz - sure they’re all fast but their flow and their vibe is what really sets them apart.

You won’t always win but you can always look good out there if you want, that’s up to you.

I built this brand with a dude who doesn’t really want the recognition for it, but if you know him, you’ll know his passion and grind is unmatched. The name Avian came from a Mac Miller song, but the relevance to our brand was the feather light concept. That was the bosses take on it anyway, me; I just liked the song. Our friend Pete designed our logo, but everything else you see is the work of me and a dude I call boss man. Just two hard working American dudes living the dream with a tight niche team of riders that continue to elevate our brand to new heights unforeseen, and we’re honored to be a part of their grind to the top. Triumph Awaits.

-DB44 / @dbetcher44